Our Artists

This is the list of artists whose legacies we will be recuperating this semester on Wikipedia. If there are edits to this list, comment on this post with your edit.

Student Artist
Ali Pia Guerra
Sabrina Gladys Parker
Lacie Zena Brody
Marcus Bonnie Hano
Hope Madeline Zuluaga
Blair Katie Kubert
Helen Barbara “Willie” Mendes
Theo Ashley A. Woods
Kristen Chynna Clugston Flores
Alora Irene Koh
Moira Kelly Sue DeConnick
Solange F. Sana Amanat
Hannah H. Nicola Scott
Andy Mindy Newell
Karina Virginia Provisiero
Hannah M. Hilary B. Price
Lindsay Nell Brinkley
Jessica Toni Blum
Mel Katie Cook
Jo Kayla E.
Wen Sarah Dyer
Talia Audrey Niffenegger
Dylan Emma Ríos
Heather Arigon Starr
David Kim Yale
Catherine Carla Speed McNeil
Solange S. Babs Tarr
Amer G. Willow Wilson
Carleigh Janelle Asselin
Katia Melinda Gebbie
Ning Dorothy Woolfolk
Yuting Lily Renée
Derek Kate Van Zyl
Amanda Shannon Wright



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